Would You Ever Date a Giants Fan?


Ever wonder what it would be like to date a Giants fan? Ladies, would you ever date a Giants fan? Mike Metz decided to answer that unholy question with one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. In the video a very attractive Dodger fan named “Gibson” meets a male Giants fan named “Will” for a blind date setup by their friends. Their friends apparently knew, according to them.

They don’t know it until they both reach for their wallets. Uh-oh! The attraction is there, and both of them love Baseball but there is one little problem. She’s a Dodgers fan, and he’s a Giants fan. Watching the interaction between the two is hilarious.

There are so many hilarious lines in the video that made me want to laugh out loud.

“If you saw my facebook then you would see my comment about Jimmy Rollin’s WAR!”

“Everyone loves Tommy Lasorda!”

“Who names their kid Buster”?

“A dynasty is a dynasty” “Flukes every one of them”

The one thing both of them can agree on, is that everybody loves Vin Scully.

Poor girl, but I think she sells out at the end. Maybe she’s just really lonely or something. No way Willie Mays is the best player in Baseball history. Jackie Robinson.

Warning, there is some cursing throughout the video.

I don’t think I could ever date a Giants fan. It would be too much of a conflict. Maybe you are different though? Has anyone ever dated a Giants fan, or even married one? Let us know in the comments if you have, and tell us your experiences.

One thing is for sure, nobody cares about Roger Craig.