Yasiel Puig Mercifully DL’d


Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This is insane. Complete and utter insanity, like insanity from the Ned Colletti era. First off, a tweet:

Oh hey that’s not that bad!





[does calculations]


That date was obviously the first report of any issue over Yasiel Puig’s hamstring, and initially the prognosis was that it would be a minor thing, I mean Mattingly said so himself!

Except any statement said by Don Mattingly has to be immediately prefaced with this until the end of time

That tweet was 8 months ago and i’m starting to think that believing Don Mattingly is a bad idea over anything injury related. Regardless, Yasiel Puig has been dealing with an injury to his left hamstring for at least 12 days now and guess what? Yasiel Puig, on April 26th, was mercifully put on the Disabled List.

First off, organization really seems to be enamored with not sending players to the disabled list, whether that’s Mark Ellis and his quadriceps, Hanley Ramriez and his. uh. body? Yasiel Puig with his wrist/hamstring/whatever he hurts while doing Yasiel Puig things, or any of the dozen players the past few years who have come down with injuries that might be small enough to recover within a 15 day span, but significant enough to make us wonder just how much value they’re losing by literally playing a man down.

And in this scenario it’s totally fair to wonder how much value the Dodgers lost by keeping Puig of the Disabled List and putting him on anyways (27 days at least) versus a straight disabled list visit which would entail not @$!&ing with a bum hamstring (15 days), and getting him back in a reasonable amount of time.

That’s the thing about hamstrings, it was only 3 years ago since the Dodgers probably mismanaged Matt Kemp out of an MVP caliber season because of a hamstring gone wrong that later snowballed into what arguably was the beginning of the end for his Dodger career. Does anybody trust that the medical staff did the right thing in this scenario? Or any other scenario? And oh by the way, if the decision today didn’t make you livid, here’s an article from A WHOLE WEEK AGO:

"Although a torn hamstring could sideline Puig for weeks, Mattingly said the Dodgers’ medical staff is confident there is no undue risk in keeping him on the active roster rather than putting him on the 15-day disabled list to ensure the hamstring heals."


If you want to speculate, the only constant with the organization and it’s issues with injury management (dating back to the Jason Schmidt debacle) has been Stan Conte. Not Sue Falsone, not Ned Colletti, not Farhan Zaidi, not Andrew Friedman. Conte. It’s of course, impossible to say that he’s the sole culprit for the team’s complete inability to manage injured players but, with the new “wall street” front office coming in, having a notoriously pragmatic approach to potential DL candidates was to be expected. And well… that clearly hasn’t happened with Yasiel Puig.

At best this situation is an annoyance over a player that didn’t provide any value for 12 days and was put on the disabled list anyways. At worst? The Dodgers medical staff has continued to provide total incompetence when dealing with an injured player. That incompetence might have cost the team a significant portion of an MVP caliber season by their 2nd best player.