Remembering Kenny Shulsen


Today marks the one-year anniversary of the tragic passing of our good friend Kenny Shulsen. Our former senior writer lost his battle with illness around this time last year. It’s important to remember him and keep his spirit active. If you speak of someone who is no longer here, and remember them often then they are never really gone.

Kenny and his son Luke with Ron Cey

Kenny put his heart and soul into this site, and it wouldn’t be what it is today without his hard work and dedication. He was such a huge Dodger fan, and he loved every minute he devoted to Lasorda’s Lair. You know I am a cynic, but Kenny was always such a huge optimist. He always looked on the bright side of everything, even when things appeared at their darkest.

Kenny not only loved the Dodgers, but he was an avid fan of the Utah Jazz, and Ogden Raptors. He wrote about Basketball for the Fansided Utah Jazz site as well. However his heart was always with the Dodgers and this site.

I just wish that Kenny was still here to see how the Dodgers have transformed. I wish he was here to see how well they’re hitting, and to enjoy these exciting games. I wish he was here to see Joc Pederson’s exciting rise to stardom, Pedro Baez’s late inning domination, and Yimi Garcia’s development into a solid pitcher. I wish he was here to see Adrian Gonzalez’s record setting first month, and Clayton Kershaw’s extraordinary pitching. I wish he was still here to talk and message during games.

Most of all I wish he was still here to see his son. I hope his family has found peace. Please re-tweet this post.

You can check out all of Kenny’s articles by clicking this link here. We go on over here, but with a heavy heart. You may be physically gone Kenny, but you are not forgotten. We miss you every day my friend.