Juan Uribe Might Be On His Way Out


This is a sad tweet from Ken Rosenthal

It seems to be a serious affair, according to Ken’s timeline it’ll be a 6 player swap that “appears to be on the verge of completion”. Trading away a third baseman always made sense. The Dodgers’ spent 62.5 million dollars on Hector Olivera for a very specific reason, to play 3b on an everyday basis, as early as later this year. It isn’t even June and we have our first instance of “take everything with a grain of salt”

This might be a result of Callaspo’s no trade clause that ends June 15th, but that’s a small piece to the larger puzzle of figuring out third base, Juan Uribe is looking less and less apart of this team.

He clearly deserved patience to begin the year, Papi was one of the top 2 or 3 regulars over the past 2 seasons. And he got that! Alex Guerrero‘s hot start/Justin Turner‘s progression didn’t stop the Dodgers from treating Uribe like a regular for the first few weeks. But as the season wore on, and the sample sizes began to stabilize, his playing time ceased, he’s started games exactly 7 times this month which culminates in his line being down to a paltry .247/.287/.309, and even his normally stellar defense being worse than usual. 

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

It’s likely that Uribe is the worst third baseman in terms of overall value to the team, but sentimentally, that doesn’t really matter. A look down this timeline shows the ultimate impact Uribe had in his time here, he was a good player with the best personality in the clubhouse. If that gets traded, of course fans (including me) are going to be bummed out. We can’t really evaluate the trade until the deal is made, if a deal is made, when a deal is made, and who is traded in any deal, but the realization that the Dodgers look to be trading away their best personality is enough to feel a little sad.  

  UPDATE: I worded the title very specifically in case this happened

Which, really only means that a Juan Uribe trade won’t be done right now, unless Alberto Callaspo was the guy the Dodgers absolutely had to get (lol), they will either complete this deal without him, or just trade Uribe somewhere else. The intentions have been made clear.