New Food At Dodger Stadium for 2015

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Executive Chef Jason Tingley speaks to bloggers at Dodger Stadium about new food choices. Photo: Stacie Wheeler

One of the only things I love more than baseball is food. Partaking in the numerous food and drink options at the ballpark is part of the experience, and Dodger Stadium has many new food items to choose from for 2015. Dodger bloggers were invited to a special night at Dodger Stadium and were treated to an interactive presentation with Executive Chef Jason Tingley. By interactive, I mean we had the opportunity to try all the food!

Levy Chef Jason Tingley is a native of Los Angeles, and in his third season as the executive chef at Dodger Stadium has brought bold new offerings for Dodger fans to enjoy. Of course there are still the classics available like Farmer John Dodger Dogs, Cracker Jack and traditional nachos, but some of the new items are sure to get your mouth-watering. Hot Cheetos on top of a Dodger Dog? Why not!

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