New Food At Dodger Stadium for 2015

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Smoked Chicken Wings Photo: Stacie Wheeler

My favorite bite I tried during the presentation were the new smoked chicken wings. Chef Tingley explained the four-hour smoking process which adds a really nice flavor to the wings. Just be sure you have plenty of napkins on hand.

Other new menu items include (according to the Dodgers press release):

-Lasorda’s Meatball Marinara Specialty Fries

-Lasorda’s Meatball Marinara Cone

-La Taqueria’s Carne Asada Specialty Fried (Field & Reserve Levels)

-Breaded Chicken Sandwich and Tenders (Field & Reserve Levels)

There are also healthier options now available at Dodger Stadium  like sushi, salads and fruit cups.

Will you be trying any of these new food items at Dodger Stadium this season? What would you like to see at Dodger Stadium in the future for food? I’m still hoping for an organic Dodger dog in the future, but for now I’ll treat myself to one of the numerous new eats at the park.