Joc Pederson’s Catch in Poetry


Commenter West Coast Ram was a bit disappointed with the lack of narration of Joc Pederson’s incredible game saving catch of Justin Upton’s bottom of the ninth inning line drive in Sunday’s 4-2 twelve inning Dodger win over San Diego.

West Coast Ram an hour ago

“Should have provided some words to set up the scene of Joc’s catch, not just embed the video clip”

I’ve decided to reward him with some additional commentary. After all, he’s been a pretty consistent commenter over here, and we are all about rewarding our readers with rich descriptions and shenanigans. So here you are West Coast Ram, this one is for you. Enjoy my brother from another mother.

The situation looked bleak for the Dodger nine that day, the score stood 2-2 with no innings left to play. Reliever Nicasio stood on the mound with two runners on the bases, the San Diego fans filled up 65% of the seats, grinning faces awaited.

The inning looked stark for the Los Angles nine before Upton strode to the bat, an Amarista singled, Barmes bunted, and a walk to Venable, there was nothing more we could say about that. 

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  • Solarte flied out to left and there was only one out to go, but Upton loomed as the two Padre runners were ready to go.

    Bud Black grinned, and across the field Don Mattingly grimaced, Nicasio wiped sweat from his brow, San Diego fans cheered like they thought it was Christmas.

    Little did they know their day would be ruined, a 23-year old center fielder would be the Grinch, bubble-gum chewin’.

    Nicasio looked in for a sign, and would up as the spheroid flew, but his command was not on and his fastball had not a clue.

    Ball one! The umpire shouted, the stands erupted, Mattingly pouted. Nicasio again wound up, and his predictable fastball flew, but once again the umpire would shout…..”Ball two!”.

    “You stink!” Dodgers fans tweeted at the umpire, His strike zone was not true, tweeters thought he had conspired.

    Again Nicasio delivered and his fastball missed thrice. There was not much choice now, a walk would not entice.

    Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! ~Justin Upton

    And so Upton stood at the plate he knew what was coming, Dodgers fans prepared for the worst, Nicasio’s fastball was clumsy.

    Nicasio wound up and the 3-0 pitch flew, this time Upton swung with all his might, his force delivered true.

    The crack of the bat alerted us to a deep drive to center, the ball sailed through the air, a loss would enrage all of our tempers.

    But young Joc, a fresh faced kid from our minors, he sprang from his feet, nobody could be kinder.

    He ran and ran as he looked over his shoulder, the ball was traveling, igniting Don Mattingly’s fervor.

    Young Joc put his glove up as he ran towards the wall, a catch would save the game, a victory for us all.

    He ran and he ran and he did not stall. You see young Joc caught the ball as he slammed into the wall.

    The inning was over, and Upton Noooooo’d like a girl. San Diego fans screamed, Dodgers fans were on the floor.

    The San Diego nine scored no runs in that frame. The Dodgers rallied, went ahead later in the game.

    Kenley closed it out securing the win for Dodger Blue, and none of it would have happened if it wasn’t for you (Joc).

    I am talking to you young Joc, you are a fine center fielder, we all know this and things couldn’t be clearer.

    Joc Pederson is our man, and he is here to stay, Dodgers fans love you each and every day.

    The End.