Dodgers Sites Rank 15th in Grammar


The Dodgers may not be able to score runs, but at least they rank middle of the pack in spelling and grammar. This is according to the Wall Street Journal’s recent Grammar Power Rankings. Through no help from us over here at all, the Dodgers are 15 out of the 30 MLB clubs in mistakes per 100 words. The Mets appeared to be the worst, and the Indians and Padres are the best. Grammarly the world’s leading online checker analyzed 150 fan comments of 50 comments or more on 30 official MLB sites. The data polled shows things like spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I wonder where we would rank in this. Wait, don’t answer that question.

It appears the Dodgers have more success with proper English than they do with moving runners into scoring position. The Dodgers had 6.8 errors per 100 words, with probably half of them created from this site alone. We shoot for the stars over here. The 30 MLB club sites were ranked based on how many mistakes they made per 100 words. Each club had on average 10.592 total words. The Mets and their fans had the most mistakes with 13.9 mistakes for every 100 words. The Phillies were ranked the second worst. In general though, fans of the National League made fewer mistakes than the American League sites, according to the study. The National League averaged 7.8 errors per 100 words. The American League averaged 8.3 errors per 100 words.

Apparently they also polled which teams were the most verbose. The Royals and Brewers come out as the most wordy. I guess they would give the Webster’s dictionary a run for its money. The Indians, Padres, White Sox, and Cubs were the best grammar wise. Well it looks like the Dodgers are mediocre at scoring runs and at spelling errors. I don’t think that comes as a surprise to anyone.

What do you guys think of the study?