Dodgers Place Carlos Frias on the DL, Mull Over Limited Options

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Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Option number one is to use one of the bums like Trevor Cahill, or Eric Stults, or Scott Baker. You throw one of those bums out there, punt the game, but essentially save the bullpen. You force both of them to pitch seven innings, and hope for the best. All of those guys are 5-6 runs per game pitchers. So there is very little chance of winning. Maybe Cahill or Stults only give up 3 or 4 and you might have a chance of winning. It’s a long shot though. Since Frias’s spot comes up just twice more until the all-star break, maybe you use one of those bums and just hope that Frias’s injury is not that sever and he’ll make it back after the all-star break. That’s a long shot but possibly the best option the Dodgers have.

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