The Giants Losing Streak Couldn’t Come At a Better Time


The series loss to the Mets was very unpatriotic indeed. The 8-0 shutout against the aforementioned Metropolitans was a nightmarish mash of head standing Kikés and beaten down Bolsingers. I mean the Dodgers, a first place team mind you, were outscored 13-5 by the offensively troubled Mets during the three-game series. Cue up the leftover dud fireworks and the soggy potato salad. It wasn’t anything to celebrate.

The Dodgers haven’t even announced who they plan to start Monday night’s game against the Phillies and it’s 1 pm PT here. Carlos Frias was placed on the disabled list, and the Dodgers are just trying to “bridge the gap” until the All-Star Break without a fifth starter. Luckily, things have been anything but rosy up in Nor Cal recently, and the San Francisco losing streak couldn’t come at a better time.

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Meanwhile up in the land of clam chowder and Hunter Pence signs, the Giants have steadily lost six games in a row. Grant Brisbee, who is always a delight to read even for this Dodger fan, has once again eloquently told of the sorrow in San Francisco.  So while we mope about losing two of three to the Mets, let’s not forget that the Giants came up winless on their road trip. The Marlins and Nationals both swept them. The Nationals sort of scare me by the way, but we’ll talk about that another time.

The Dodgers are still solidly in first place with a four game lead in the N.L. West with a little help from the San Francisco losing streak which should not go unnoticed or undocumented.

Hopefully I have not jinxed the baseball continuum, and the Giants don’t go on a turnaround tear of winning. It would be nice to clash with the Giants during one of their low points for once, but the Dodgers don’t meet up again with the Orange and Black until the final day of August. Hopefully by then, the Dodgers will have acquired at least one frontline starting pitcher, Yasiel Puig will be ready to unload bat flips against the angry Madison Bumgarner, Corey Seager and Hector Olivera will be injected into the offense, and the Giants will have lost 52 games in a row.

The inability of the Dodgers to beat the Giants this season has been frustrating (they are 3-9 against San Francisco so far this season), but the aggravation Brandon Belt and Ryan Vogelsong have felt up in the Bay this past week makes you feel a little better, doesn’t it? The Giants are teetering on the edge of .500 baseball, and we should be relishing the fact that the Dodgers are 9 games above .500 and playing the Phillies the next three games.

The Dodgers definitely have some issues to work out in the second half, and they seem to be limping into the All-Star Break with a rotation in shambles. The offense is sputtering, and the bullpen has been shaky at times.

The holes in the Dodgers roster will get filled and fixed soon enough, but I think the real question is how can I get Alex Guerrero in the position to hit a huge homerun off Madison Bumgarner while yelling “You’re not that [censored] good!” as he rounds the bases. This Giants losing streak is quite amusing, but that scenario needs to happen at some point.