Andrew Friedman’s Regime, and The Bums of His Dreams

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Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Stacie recently wrote about the Dodger’s pitching depth woes. You can count Brett Anderson to the long list of injured pitchers now. We have no idea how long his Achilles injury will keep him out, but it’s safe to say he probably won’t make his next start.

That leaves the Dodgers in a pretty desperate situation. Not only are they out of options, but they’re about plum out of bums. It’s almost unfathomable how many washed up retreads the brain trust has signed this year. The list is long and the pain lingers.

Just about every pitcher the brain trust has signed this year has turned out to be useless. Let me remind everyone that this is a first place club. So let’s take a painful look back at the many bums of the Dodger’s 2015 pitching staff.