Andrew Friedman’s Regime, and The Bums of His Dreams

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bum #9 Brandon Beachy 0-1 7.88 ERA/5.68 FIP 7 ER 8 IP 6 BB 2.0 WHIP

Beachy is the Dodger’s latest disaster. The Dodgers signed him despite knowing full well he had two Tommy John surgeries and hadn’t pitched in over two years. However he was cheap, and we all know how much the brain trust love cheap injury riddled pitchers. So the Dodgers finally got a chance to look at him this month after he finished his rehab. Not surprisingly, he sucked.

Beachy used to be a hot young pitcher on the rise with the Braves. Two Tommy John surgeries later he’s being mentioned in an article with the likes of Josh Ravin, and Eric Surkamp. I bet he never thought his career would take this arc. Poor guy.

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