Andrew Friedman’s Regime, and The Bums of His Dreams

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Bum #8 Eric Surkamp one lousy start- 3.1 horrendous frames

There’s no way the Dodgers will actually start Eric Surkamp in a major league game you probably thought to yourself when the Dodgers claimed him. It seemed almost inconceivable that the Dodgers would start such a talentless pitcher. After all Surkamp has a 6.47 career ERA in 43 games, and 31 walks against 37 strikeouts. He’s bad. Yet the Dodgers marched him out to the mound against the Phillies on July 6. Even the worst club in the majors was able to easily score 4 runs off of him in 3.1 innings. He was designated for assignment two days later. Hopefully the only time we’ll ever see him again is in our nightmares.