Well the Dodgers’ Trade Deadline Escalated Quickly


So I was going to just update my post from yesterday on the proposed Marlins-Dodgers trade. It was a modest trade, that had the Dodgers sending three low-level minor league pitchers for Mat Latos, Michael Morse and a competitive balance pick.

And then, as soon as I climbed the stairs to top deck at the stadium, all hell broke loose. There were different variations rolling around, but the finalized trade is this.

Now that it’s been finalized, WTF. The relevant parts for Dodger fans:

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The Dodgers acquire LHP Alex Wood, LHP Luis Avilan, RHP Jim Johnson, 2B Jose Peraza, RHP Bronson Arroyo from the Braves, and RHP Latos and 1B Morse from the Marlins.

The Dodgers give 2B/3B Hector Olivera, LHP Paco Rodriguez, RHP Zachary Bird to the Braves, and RHP Jeff Brigham RHP Victor Araujo RHP Kevin Guzman to Miami.

Thankfully, Lasorda’s Lair’s own Adrian Garcia already covered the pieces of the trade, which didn’t include Arroyo when he posted it. Basically the Dodgers improved their rotation with Wood and Latos, improved their bullpen with Johnson, Avilan and by likely pushing Mike Bolsinger out of the rotation, took on a couple bad contracts with Morse and Arroyo, and got a top-30 prospect in Peraza, at a position that the Dodgers had a need in. Olivera can hit and ATL gets him for very little money, but getting that return for him, Paco, the #15, #28 and two not-top 30 prospects? Sign me up.

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With David Price and Cole Hamels going to Toronto and Texas, respectively, the Dodgers missed out on the two aces available. However, now the Dodgers’ rotation features two aces and like four solid number three starters. Poor Bolsinger, who has been excellent for the Dodgers and will still likely be sent down or sent to the bullpen. Considering his troubles the third time through the lineup, a move to the bullpen might be best for him.

Generally, trade deadlines go one of two ways. Buyers trade prospects to get better and increase their chances at a World Series run. Sellers trade their major league players to retool with players that will help the team in the long run. Somehow, the Dodgers did both? Olivera was pretty much a major league player, who just needed time to get in shape after being signed out of Cuba. Paco was a major league player when healthy. The Dodgers improved their major league team and their minor league team, while keeping pretty much all of their noteworthy prospects.

When the formerly small-market front office of Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi took over, some were wondering how their frugal past would mesh with their newfound fortune to play with. It’s not about offering every free agent a truck full of money. It’s about offering smaller budget teams a way out of their bad contracts in order to offer a less significant package in a trade. Ironically, the Braves did just this when they acquired Arroyo. They got a former first round pick and top-100 prospect in Touki Toussaint from Arizona for Philip Gosselin, and agreed to take Arroyo and his contract in the deal.

After seeing what Toronto gave up, I’m definitely good without Price. They gave up their number one prospect (#25 overall on MLB.com) Daniel Norris, their  #11 prospect LHP Matt Boyd and their #19 prospect LHP Jairo Labourt. Price finally gives them a front-line pitcher that the Blue Jays desperately needed, but his upcoming free agency makes this a huge price for Price. You didn’t think I wouldn’t make a pun did you?

They mortgaged a lot of their farm to try to win this year. More power to them, but if they don’t make a huge run in the postseason it will hurt the team for the forseeable future, unless they’re able to re-sign Price. If the Dodgers, somehow, can have a rotation next year with Kershaw, Greinke, Price and Wood and still have Julio Urias, Jose De Leon and Grant Holmes in the organization?? Wow.

Considering how out-of-nowhere this trade came from, I would be shocked if the Dodgers were finished making moves before tomorrow’s deadline. But shame on all you Dodger fans who didn’t think this front office had something up their sleeves. Shame.

Also, somehow, both the Marlins and Braves are sending the Dodgers money? How nice of the big market teams to help the little guys out..