Constructing the Playoff Roster – The Rotation

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With October fast approaching it’s often fun to contemplate who will make the final cut when it comes to the playoff roster. In this four part series I’m going to break down each component of the roster and determine who I believe will get a shot come October.

This year the infield is crowded, so to is the outfield and the bullpen is a mess. Like every year, there are big egos and big contracts to contend with. Injuries have clouded the picture too with Howie Kendrick, Yasiel Puig and Enrique Hernandez all 50/50 bets to

be healthy in time. Young guns Corey Seager and Jose Peraza are forcing their managers hand with some impressive play but is there room for them with so many veteran guys holding down the fort in the infield? Mainstays Joc Pederson, Adrian Gonzalez and Yasmani Grandal have been struggling, the back end of the rotation is shaky and who knows who will throw the 8th? (Bring your cleats it might be you)

These are all questions President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman and Co. have to address as these decisions could have resounding effects on how a series will be played before the first pitch is even thrown. Constructing a playoff roster isn’t as simple as compiling the 25 most talented players and running them out there. Instead the roster has to be balanced both on the field and in the clubhouse, as the wrong mix on the bench or in the bullpen could have a disastrous effect late in games and could spell an early elimination for even the most talented of rosters.

So let’s get started with a look at who will be getting the ball on October 9.

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