Dodgers 9 Diamondbacks 5 That Went Muuuuch Better Than Yesterday


Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

What’s good: Corey Seager, he is very cool, very good, he hit 2 singles, a dinger, and listen to this: not starting Seager in the playoffs would be admitting that they’re not putting their best chance on the field during the playoffs. If you’re resigned to Jimmy Rollins continuing to start, then I get it, but you shouldn’t be. Corey is (and has been) the answer at SS for awhile.

Putting more superlatives to the case of Corey, Rollins compared to Seager is an unmitigated disaster, offensively and Jimmy’s defense doesn’t come close to making up for it, sooo yep.

Joc Pederson is also good, he got 3 hits, and his wRC+ is on it’s way up, he’s going to finish the season with over 100 hits, which is definitely a good sign, the power, the defense, the speed, the arm are all there, the only thing is the development of the hit tool for him to look like the star he was back in early June.

AGon homered, he’s got a 132 wRC+. pretty good dot gif.

Mike Bolsinger? ehhhhh he had nothing, walked 4, only went 3.2 innings and struck out exactly 1. Maybe this is a case of regression, maybe this is a case of him not being very good, but considering how Alex Wood has looked (just last night he was a pile of hot garbage), the 4th starter spot is looking very thin at this point.

Also Carl Crawford, who’s looked really good since he came off of the DL, hurt his hamstring and honestly I don’t know who’s to blame (if you can blame anybody) but boy that medical staff’s body of work certainly isn’t glowing right now.

But hey they survived a mediocre bullpen showing and reduced their magic number down to 14, #GOODTIMES