Dodgers 5 Rockies 12: Carlos Frias #3 Starter


Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Seager isn’t catastrophically hurt, neither is Joc Pederson, Justin Turner is okay, Alex Wood appears to be put together like as far as his elbow and shoulder go, Kenley Jansen didn’t murder Yasmani Grandal in cold blood in the dugout so in that way the Dodgers won.

Everything else was bad, because for as healthy as Alex Wood is, he sure has had a couple of stinkers as a Dodger. He gave up 8 runs in 5.1 innings, exhibiting putrid command, only striking out one. He had the inside track on a playoff start and the fact that he couldn’t lock it down isn’t necessarily a great thing, forcing Kershaw and Greinke to strain themselves and start on short rest throughout the playoffs probably has to happen but it isn’t ideal in any sense.

Uh other than that, I don’t know what to tell you, they wouldn’t have clinched today either way considering the Giants won today so any anger directed towards the team should be met with the idea that they’re going to have to win a game in San Francisco anyways. Being quite frank, it’s an amazing thing that the Dodgers brought the magic number down to a mere 2 after earlier this week I dedicated an entire post to being terrified that the Giants series might matter way more than it does right now.

So uh, no more Coors Field for the rest of the season, no more Nolan Arenado, but for gosh sakes, please clinch tomorrow behind a Zack Greinke perfect game, yeah? Cool.