Dodgers Sought After Andrelton Simmons at Deadline


David O’Brien of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Dodgers initially requested shortstop Andrelton Simmons in return for Cuban infielder Hector Olivera. Obviously the deal never came through, in fact it is reported that any involvement of Simmons was shot down rather quickly. The Dodgers did end up receiving lefty Alex Wood, infielder Jose Peraza, starter Mat Latos (from the Marlins) and a pair of minor league pitchers, in return for Olivera and spare-parts (injured ones at that).

Although a deal for Simmons never eventuated, it is nonetheless interesting that the front office was interested in the young infielder. Simmons, if acquired, would have blocked top prospect Corey Seager from playing time, both this year and for the foreseeable future. Also complicating the matter, is that Justin Turner is seemingly (and justifiably) the starting third baseman, now and going forward. This means even sliding Seager across to third would have been a difficult task.

The move highlights Friedman and Zaidi’s emphasis on quality defense up the middle , following the precedent set by the replacement of Hanley Ramirez with Jimmy Rollins at short and Matt Kemp with Joc Pederson at center field (you could also count the Yasmani Grandal and Howie Kendrick acquisitions in this way). I guess the implication of this is that you can expect any upgrade to the offense to require above average defensive work as well (a Jason Heyward type for example).

It should also be noted that deals for big name players like Simmons often involve many months of pushing from the acquiring team, the Josh Donaldson trade being the most recent example of this. It was reported at the time that Blue Jays GM had been pushing Billy Beane for the best part of a year before a deal was finally completed. I would urge you to take this with a grain of salt, but just because it didn’t get done at the deadline, doesn’t mean it will never get done. Whilst I think it is highly improbable, a deal could conceivably come some point in the future.

As of now though, just be thankful for Seager.

What do you think? Should we have pushed harder? Who should we have given up in return?

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