Dodgers 5 Mets 2: A Rollercoaster Of A Win


Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I predicted Noah Syndergaard breaking out in this game and boy did he do that.

And then

So that was what the Dodgers were up against to start this game, following up Jacob deGrom who has legitimate 70 command and was throwing 95-97 into the 7th inning, Noah Syndergaard basically made the former rookie of the year look like Ted Lilly. He was hitting 100, 101 miles an hour, consistently hitting upper 90’s for the duration of the game, he had great command, and had everything else in his arsenal working.

Zack Greinke wasn’t necessarily bad, he gave up 2 dingers, one opposite field to Yoenis Cespedes and another laser to Michael Conforto. It turns out that the Mets can hit. This recap will have significantly less hot takes because of the lack of narrative as far as pitching goes surrounding Zack Greinke compared to Clayton Kershaw.

Everybody with a bat wearing a Dodger jersey was basically overmatched early, there was a point in the series where the Dodgers struck out in 19 out of the 30 outs recorded, it was just stupidly bad. The Dodgers had their chances, Yasmani Grandal (who’s been hurt and also absolute excrement for 2 months) didn’t do a whole lot, and neither did Adrian Gonzalez (who’s also been excrement for the majority of the second half), so there’s that.

Do you want to talk about the game more? Good because this was only a recap about the first 3 innings!

The offense somehow scored off of a dominant pitcher with Justin Turner (who’s been a godsend this series) ground rule doubling off of Syndergaard with 0 out. After Andre Ethier doubled, the Dodgers got their first run which was a minor miracle. Not for nothing, but Dre had a pretty severe TOOTBLAN trying to go to 3rd on a Carl Crawford groundout. Thor put Enrique Hernandez who’s also been incredible this entire season on first base intentionally to bring up Zack Greinke on with 2 outs.

Here’s how hyped Syndergaard was to get out of the inning

98 miles an hour with sink. My god.

Syndargaard was cruising well into the 7th inning until he ran into some trouble, Enrique Hernandez -bless that guy- drew a walk, stole second and put himself in scoring position for Chase Utley, Dodger murderer of yesteryear who singled to put men on 1st and 3rd with only one out.

This is where madness broke out.

With runners at the corner, Howie Kendrick hit a routine double play ball to Daniel Murphy who flipped it to Ruben Tejada and then this happened.

Uhhh totally dirty, Reuben Tejada suffered a broken fibula as a result of the play, and really a shitty way to set this up:

Some how Chase Utley stayed in the game. Some how. I can’t cheer what happened. It is a god damn shame that it was allowed to happen, and the possibility of an October beanwar was looming over the game which is trash. The Mets were pretty deflated, losing their shortstop for at the rest of the postseason, Justin Turner came up with another clutch hit to push the score to 5-2, but to have such a high leverage spot

The Dodgers were dead, they were on the verge of getting swept with Matt Harvey vs Brett Anderson in Queens. It was terrifying and Chase Utley, Adrian Gonzalez, Justin Turner saved the damn season. Props to Zack Greinke for a great 7 IP 8 K 0 BB performance despite giving up 2 dingers, Chris Hatcher looked fantastic and Kenley Jansen was good enough. By the sounds of it, Clayton Kershaw will probably have a chance to redeem himself, this is all great news and a huge turnaround from how things looked even 2 hours ago. There will be takes about Ruben Tejada, a rule will be made, outrage will rage, but the Dodgers just have to win a 3 game series with Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke potentially pitching again.