Positives and Negatives of the 2015 Dodgers

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Sep 5, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; The Los Angeles Dodgers celebrate a 2-0 win over the San Diego Padres at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

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The Dodgers won 92 games. This season seemed a lot more painful than past years. They were no-hit twice in like three weeks and there were really only two starters and one reliever that they could truly count on. Yet, they won 92 games, which was two fewer than last year and the same amount they won two years ago. They won the West and made the playoffs for the third straight year, which is the first time they’ve done so in their 132 year existence. They did so while getting destroyed by injuries and by falling victim to a ton of narratives.

They tied with the Cardinals for the best home winning percentage, but were seven games under .500 on the road. They finished the season 28-37 against teams with winning records, which TOTALLY MATTERS except that the Mets finished 28-38 against them and are two wins away from going to the World Series. The Mets also finished the season losing five of their last six and got no-hit in their second-to-last regular season game and didn’t have home field headed into the playoffs, so maybe all of those narratives are pointless?

They played .500 ball for one calendar month, and their next-worst calendar month was a 15-13 September. It seemed like a long and tedious season, but they were still pretty darn good.

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