Dodgers Scariest Offseason Scenarios

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On this Halloween Eve, it’s time to look at the scariest moves the Dodgers can make this offseason.

I have a ton of faith in this front office, so while the following moves would completely take away all of that faith, it would be highly surprising to see these come to fruition.

However, I’ll try to keep it at least semi possible. This won’t be a post about how bad it would be if Clayton Kershaw disappears into Springfield’s Mystery Spot or spending the season acting like a chicken because of a hypnotist.

(Takes 30 minute break to watch Homer At The Bat)

The Dodgers will have a lot of money freed up this year. Not including options and arbitrations, True Blue LA has the Dodger payroll listed at $158,187,158 next year. While that’s sure to go up with arbitration and some team or player options, it also includes Zack Greinke‘s $24 million next year, which may or may not happen. Either way, in a sport without a salary cap and owners willing to spend, the Dodgers should be able to have another successful offseason.

This post will look at the scariest scenarios for the offseason, whether it be a hiring, a move the Dodgers do or don’t make, or a rumor that comes true.

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