My Dream Offseason for the Dodgers

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3. Buy low on Ozuna

Back in September, Daniel wrote about Marcell Ozuna and how the Dodgers should try to see if they can make a move for him. YES. PLEASE. DO THIS.

The Dodgers don’t necessarily need outfielders, but Ozuna is an absolute stud that needs to get out of Miami. Most reports have Seattle being a likely destination for Ozuna, but if the Dodgers can swoop in there they absolutely should.

Ozuna turned 25 earlier this month and is still pre-arbitration, so he’ll be under control for a while. Jeffrey Loria and his always-humorous incompetence apparently can’t stand Ozuna, which is why his name is even being discussed now.

In 2014, Ozuna broke out with a .269/.317/.455 slash line with 23 homers and well above-average defense in his age-23 season. An outfield with Ozuna, Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig would be an incredible mix of offensive firepower, defensive talent and if nothing else be extremely entertaining.

If Loria is really that desperate to get rid of the talented 25-year-old, the Dodgers probably wouldn’t have to break the bank for him. A package of two or three second-tier minor leaguers could be enough to steal Ozuna away from Miami.

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