Dodgers Free Agent Pitching Options

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None of these guys are Greinke. You probably can’t add two or three of these guys up and get a Greinke. But the Dodgers didn’t just need one starter, they needed a few. Greinke was well worth the reported Dodgers offer (five years, $31 million/year), but Arizona blew that offer out of the water and the Dodgers didn’t feel like matching, which I completely understand. Even if they did match, Arizona may have been willing to go even higher.

The Dodgers’ current rotation is far from great, but if you think for a second that this is what their rotation will look like in four months, you haven’t been paying attention for the past year. More than likely, it will look a lot different next week, with the Winter Meetings set to officially begin on Monday.

This front office also isn’t shy about pulling off trades, so there are likely some moves already in the works that no one sees coming. Kenta Maeda is another option, and I wrote about him more here. There are other free agents out there (Yovani Gallardo, Ian Kennedy, Doug Fister) that could be options for the Dodgers, but haven’t been very prevalent in the rumor mill.

None of the free agent options are as enticing as Greinke or Price, but the Dodgers have a chance to sign multiple players and not be stuck paying a 37-year-old pitcher over $30 million. Iwakuma, Gallardo and Kennedy each would cost the Dodgers a pick and I’m not entirely sure an of them are worth it, but the Dodgers need pitching and they’ll find it someway.

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