Dodgers Rumors: Ranking the Best Trade Candidates

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4. Lance Lynn and/or a reliever

This wasn’t mentioned above and has hardly been mentioned in the rumor mill. It’s highly unlikely to happen which is why it’s not higher on the list. The Cardinals are in that weird place of severely underperforming but still technically in reach of a playoff berth. For the Cardinals to salvage this season, they cannot sit with what they have, whether that means buying or selling. However, with the Cubs and Pirates finding their strides, they may be more inclined to sell.

Lance Lynn is a proven winner, collecting at least 12 wins since 2012. He also has a lot of postseason experience with the Cardinals. It’s not a good experience, but it’s experience. Adding Lynn would provide a stable right-handed arm who has stuff good enough for tougher competition. Lynn is a free agent after this year, so he’d be a rental as well. But since the Cardinals already have a sufficient amount of prospects, he shouldn’t be too expensive. What might make the deal pricier is if a reliever like Trevor Rosenthal or Seung-hwan Oh is added. The two are closer-material that could serve alongside Pedro Baez, so he isn’t used every day in October.