Dodgers’ Top of the Order is Loaded with MVP Candidates

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 06: Justin Turner
NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 06: Justin Turner /
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PHOENIX, AZ – AUGUST 09: Corey Seager /

Corey Seager

It almost feels like we have forgotten that Corey Seager plays for the Dodgers. We obviously haven’t, but breakout performances from players throughout LA’s roster, such as the other guys in this list, have taken the spotlight away from the reigning NL Rookie of the Year.

But it hasn’t affected his play one bit. He is still raking and will only get better. He doesn’t stand out in any one category, but his numbers are elite across the board. He has a great average, a tremendous OBP, is hitting for power and even playing some really good defense at a premium position.

He won’t have the gaudy RBI total that you want from an MVP winner, but that is because he is a two-hitter so he doesn’t get the same amount of opportunities. This is why RBI is an outdated stat to judge a player on; it’s an opportunistic statistic (just like a pitcher’s win or closer’s save). He’s batting an absurd .360 with runners in scoring position, and if you put that in cleanup, he’d reach 110 RBI easy.

According to FanGraphs, he is fourth in WAR in the National League and is on pace to have another season with an MVP quality WAR.

WAR isn’t the be all end all when it comes to statistics. You can’t just crunch the true value of a player into a single number. That is why we have a bunch other stats to look at too.  But WAR gives us a good idea (better than any other stat) of a player’s value. And his other numbers are terrific too.

Remember, he finished third in NL MVP voting last year as a 22-year-old rookie, so he is a legitimate contender. He may not win this year but you can book it right now that he will win at least one MVP during his career.