Dodgers: Three Players Who Could Win a Gold Glove

DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 18: Right fielder Yasiel Puig (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images)
DETROIT, MI - AUGUST 18: Right fielder Yasiel Puig (Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images) /
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LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 15: Corey Seager /

Corey Seager

MVP Candidate Corey Seager should definitely be under consideration for a Gold Glove. His nickname says it all “Seager Smooth.” He makes everything looks so easy at one of the most difficult positions on the field. At times even making a ridiculous plays look routine. He does all of this while being “oversized” for his position. Many “experts” thought he would not be a sound defender at SS so he would have to move over to 3B but he has proved them wrong in his first two seasons.

Seager overshadows himself. He has so many people enamored with his swing and offensive prowess that people forget that he has a spectacular glove. Another reason for people not thinking of Seager as an elite defender is because of how he plays the position. He’s not the type of player to be flashy with the glove like many other shortstops like Andrelton Simmons and Brandon Crawford.

Seager honestly looks bored while making plays in the six hole. He makes everything look so easy, and that could hurt him in the eyes of voters. He makes a diving play in the hole look just as natural as a candy hop ground ball hit right at him. He is just like Chase Utley, a robot on the field who shows no emotions and just does his job.

Seager leads all NL shortstops in DEF. Which like I mentioned earlier measures his overall defensive value. He is the most valuable defensive shortstop in the National League. What makes him even better is that he is out there day in and day out, rarely getting rest. Playing even with aches and pains at the beginning of the year may have led to an inflated number of errors, but he has been consistent since being healthy.