Dodgers: Which Dodgers Might We See Up for Awards This Season?

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It is worth highlighting the Dodgers that have performed masterfully this season. As the season nears the end, I thought it would be a good idea to recognize the players that have held elite consistency and have the possibility of being worthy enough for individual awards.

MVP: Cody Bellinger

Likely the only strong candidate to finish anywhere in the top-ten possibly even top-five. Cody Bellinger has had the biggest impact on the field. Cody’s all-around play has been everything and beyond for what was expected for his rookie campaign. The young, versatile slugger has played multiple positions, batted anywhere in the order that Dave Roberts has felt most comfortable with, and has ALREADY proven to be a big leader for this ball club and delivers in the clutch. Combining the remarkable defense, with the eye-popping offense, Cody could potentially take home a Gold Glove and Silver Slugger award for the first-base position if not this season almost certainly in the near future.

Reason(s) why he may not finish as NL MVP:

  • Will probably end the season with a BA under .280.
  • He does not have 50+ HR, as Giancarlo Stanton does.
  • Will not finish with more than 120 RBI.

Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

This one does not seem to get old… Sure, the Ace of the Dodgers has been through his fair share of uncommon struggles this season, but who knows how long and to what extent his back was really bothering him. For missing considerable time – again – with an injured back, Clayton Kershaw has still pitched like his usual “best pitcher on the planet” self. When it comes down to the numbers, Kershaw has a good shot of capturing two of three Triple Crown Categories (ERA and Wins). For Kershaw to make a good case in winning his fourth Cy Young Award, it looks as though he might have to hold down the two Triple Crown qualifying statistics. And even then, a top finish would without a doubt, come with some opinions of ‘unworthiness’; due to missing multiple starts because of injury (most reasons holding him back are almost directly associated with his back injury).

Reason(s) why he does not land another Cy Young:

  • He spent too much time on the Disabled List.
  • Not enough strikeouts.
  • WAR for pitchers will not be a top-10 finish.

Manager of the Year: Dave Roberts

Two consecutive years as NL Manager of the Year in his first seasons as a big league manager? Is that truly achievable? Based on expectations going into the 2017 season, Dave Roberts could have etched a second Manager of the Year award, had he and his team carried themselves to a record for most wins in a season. The record for most wins by a team will not happen, unfortunately, but one would have to think that a World Series Championship would shut out any of these individual awards anyway. Face it, Dave Roberts was brought in to win championships, and that is always the primary goal; everything else is just icing on the cake, really.

Reason(s) why he is not Manager of the Year:

  • Will not set single-season team wins record.
  • Has been with the team through an ugly losing stretch.

Reliever of the Year: Kenley Jansen

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Without a doubt, Kenley Jansen should be handed Reliever of the Year for the National League. He has simply gone above and beyond, and created a bit of history earlier in the season, too. This award is almost a no-brainer, and The Big Man deserves it most, out of any reliever in the National League, and frankly, all of baseball. He has meant the world to this team, and Dodger fans everywhere. This one is your’s, Kenleyfornia.

Reason(s) why he could get robbed of Reliever of the Year:

  • Corrupt voting system

Comeback Player of the Year: Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig. The Wild Horse has been running wild again this year. Puig has put up some very respectable numbers and looks to have his competitive, winning attitude, every time he steps foot onto the field. It will be an interesting race to the finish, as Puig has some stiff competition in Ryan Zimmerman, among others; but he has once again grabbed the hearts of Dodger fans and shown us why we can never give up on Puig. Because if you are Puig’s friend, then Puig, your friend.

Reason(s) why he will not be Comeback Player of the Year:

  • Falls short to Ryan Zimmerman, Giancarlo Stanton, Zack Greinke, etc.
  • Does not meet certain qualifying criteria. E.g. – previous injury

Other notable hardware that some Dodger players might take home:

Gold Glove:

C – Yasmani Grandal: .994 (6 Errors)

3B – Justin Turner: .979 FPT (5 Errors)

OF – Yasiel Puig: .996 FPCT (1 Error)

Silver Slugger:

1B – Cody Bellinger

3B – Justin Turner

SS – Corey Seager

OF – Chris Taylor

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Individual awards are always nice to have, but the truth is each of these awards would be irrelevant if the team doesn’t win a championship.