Dodgers: Analyzing the Viable Options to start in Left Field

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 06: Joc Pederson /
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LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 09: Andre Ethier /

Andre Ethier

Ethier is the longest tenured Dodger on the team. He is a fan favorite and one of the best Dodgers in the last decade. Ethier has had tough luck these past two seasons. Falling to injuries in the last two spring trainings. This cost him most of the last season and most of this season.

When he joined the team last year, he came in as strictly a pinch hitter off the bench, and when he played in that role, he did very well. He forced himself onto the playoff roster last year by hitting very well when he arrived in September; this season is looking like déjà vu for the veteran.

He has been hitting very well just like he did last season. He has all but locked up a spot on the final 25-man roster. Even if he isn’t the starter in left field, he will still fill an important role coming off the bench in high leverage situations in the playoffs like he did last season.

But if he is hitting so well, why even limit him to just one at-bat? Start him and take him out when an unfavorable match-up comes up. The Dodgers have more than enough depth for them to allow Ethier to start and get the 2-3 AB’s that he deserves. Ethier is a former gold glover, although he is not the same defender he used to be, he can still hold his own. Andre should get a strong, hard look at the job.