Dodgers: Series Win Adds to Bizarreness of Season


By now, we should all know about the Dodgers’ rollercoaster season. Things just got a little weirder last night.

The Dodgers are back! Ok just kidding, but they finally have consecutive wins for the first time since August 25th. They even won their first series since August 24, after winning three out of four in Pittsburg. This was after going eleven or so weeks without losing a series. Quite crazy indeed.

However, before the three games in San Francisco, there was a reason for concern even with San Francisco’s worst record in baseball. First, it’s the best rivalry in baseball and in great rivalries, the talent gap usually disappears, and everything is an even playing ground. The Dodgers and Giants almost always play close games.

Second, and much scarier is that Los Angeles was playing in at AT&T Park, somewhere they have always been bad. The last two years in particular though because LA won a combined four games in San Francisco in 2015 and 2016. Of course three of them have come courtesy of Clayton Kershaw; it is only fitting. And they have not won a series there since way back in 2014. It is almost like an automatic loss while sprinkling a Kershaw win in here and there. So, do not just brush over these wins like “Psshh it’s just the Giants.”

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During a skid like this, playing the Giants on their home turf blends in with this portion of the Dodgers’ schedule where they have played the Diamondbacks and Rockies and will play the Nationals. It’s pretty much like playing those teams because once these two teams meet up, the Giants are a completely different team and the games resemble playoff games.

However, this year, LA went 5-5 up north and won their first series there in three years. Who would have thought that the Dodgers would have ended their losing streak and possibly start another winning one while visiting their Bay Area rivals? And one of those wins would come via seven shutout innings from a struggling Yu Darvish?

I thought that because of LA’s history in the ballpark that they’d lose two games, but thankfully they did not. Los Angeles always loses there when things are going well. What if, since things are/were so bad, just to show how bad things are/were, the script was reversed.

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Baseball gods are cruel, but that is the beauty of a rivalry. Even when a team is in a terrible spot of their season, winning two of three against their rivals can get the juices flowing again and jump start them again. We’ll have to see if the confidence and momentum the boys in blue have gathered can have a snowball effect for the rest of the season and into the playoffs, starting this weekend in Washington.