Dodgers Have Chris Taylor in Center Field for the Long Haul

PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 10: Chris Taylor
PHOENIX, AZ - AUGUST 10: Chris Taylor /

An unexpected star has risen over the course of the 2017 season for the Dodgers. Would anyone have ever guessed that one, Chris Taylor, would be as highly praised as he has been this year?

Probably not. But when the 27-year-old utility man started to show that he is capable of doing damage, the Dodgers had enough faith to ride with it. I guess the confidence seems to have paid off for both parties.

Looking to end his breakout year on a high note, Chris Taylor will finish with numbers that are similar to an All-Star who would typically bat first, second or fifth in the batting order.

Not exactly numbers that any Dodger fan had even dreamed of for Chris, but here he is. Oh, and to add icing to an incredible campaign, he has made multiple starts at a total of five positions throughout the season.

Chris Taylor has answered every possible call that the Dodgers have extended to him. The impressive batting average, power numbers and speed – along with other glistening aspects of his game – have not come along as a joke.

Taylor has been putting up outstanding production day-in and day-out for this team. There should be essentially no doubt that he will play a strong center field in the postseason; as for the future, well, he is a prized possession that the Dodgers should look into keeping long-term.


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At this point, what about the others has made them special? It is not so much as ‘giving up’ on players like Joc Pederson, Curtis Granderson or Trayce Thompson; but these guys have either been unhealthy, or unproductive.

Surely there would not appear to be much interest in resigning Granderson this offseason (from the front office perspective), and there may be a consideration from the Dodgers to move either Pederson, Thompson or even both.

The thought of trading away either of the two outfielders will likely be appealing to the front office; assuming that they look to land a big name in the offseason.

Trading a younger player now also makes more sense because there is still the potential for improved player performance (in the buyer’s eye).

When looking at Granderson, there might only be few opportunities for him to see time in the postseason – coming in large part from his unimpressive performance as of late.

In all of these cases, it seems that Chris Taylor is option number one, with everyone else following; and with his consistent success throughout the year, it would be senseless to not put considerable thought into signing him long-term.

What can people expect from the front office, down to Chris Taylor? 

Well, if Chris can carry his steady, regular season performance into the playoffs, he might strike the consideration of extending him for years to come. Maybe the front office wants him to play through another year until they solidify an answer; but if they take their chance this winter, they would have a good chance of landing a more ‘team-friendly’ deal.

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They already gave him the opportunity to play every day this year, and if they go forward with trading an outfielder or two, it makes sense to try extending him into a lengthy commitment. If the 2017 regular season has taught the Dodgers anything about Chris Taylor, it should blare his glowing potential for years to come. Time for them to realize that and capitalize on making Chris Taylor an offer that he will not turn down.