Dodgers Win Their Fifth Consecutive NL West Title!



In what’s been a very unprecedented season, the Dodgers have accomplished their spring training goal and have won yet another division title. This division title marks the fifth consecutive season that the Dodgers have won the division. This division title extends the Dodgers longest tenure of dominating the division. No other team has won the NL West in consecutive seasons since the Padres back in 2005-2006 season. The Dodgers have won this division five times in a row.

The Dodgers have now won the division in seven out of the last ten years. This club has been long waiting this moment after an up and down season, but nonetheless, the boys in blue got the job done on Tommy Lasorda’s 90th birthday.  This is without a doubt a great accomplishment for the Dodgers. Winning the division is never easy, the fact that they have been able to repeat it for five consecutive seasons is remarkable.

But let’s all address the white elephant in the room. Through the prior four seasons, the Dodgers have yet to reach the World Series. Dominating the division is great. But at the same time what do the Dodgers have to show for it other than division banners. I know I’m not alone when I say I would rather trade those division titles for the three championships the Giants have.

This Dodger team has struggled the last 30 games. There is no secret that they’re limping their way into October. They’re playing perhaps the worst baseball in the league. But the fact that they have been so spectacular at the beginning of the season allows them to afford this slump. Last time I checked, wins in April matter just the same as wins in September.

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This team is without a doubt the most talented team in the NL. They’re well on their way to clinching the best record in the NL so the road to the World Series will likely go through Los Angeles. Clenching the division may push them over the hill to get them really hyped for October.