Dodgers and Padres May Play a Series in Mexico Next Year

SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 3 : Jose Pirela /

While the 2017 season is coming to a close, let’s look ahead to a possible scheduling change for the Dodgers next year.

Per reports, the Dodgers and Padres may play a three-game series in Mexico in 2018. The Dodgers are no strangers to playing internationally, as they most recently played the Diamondbacks in Australia in 2014 to start off that campaign.

Speculation is that the series would be played in the Monterrey from May 4-6 and would serve as a Padres home series. The Padres have hosted series there before, once in 1996 and another in 1999. It’s almost like a home away from home for there.

Earlier reports were that a series in Mexico City had been proposed but the complications surrounding the construction of a new baseball stadium, along with the unfortunate and devastating earthquake from this past week have served as obstacles. The logistics side of it all seems to be the biggest hurdle.

Here is MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred on the whole situation:

"“I am still hopeful that we’re going to play in Mexico. Whether it’s going to be in Mexico City or someplace else depends on some logistical issues that we’re trying to work our way through. That situation, obviously, has been complicated by recent events. Understanding all of that, I still hope that we will play major league regular-season games (in Mexico) next year.”"

The MLB is trying to expand its brand, so it is no surprise to see them wanting to play more games internationally. Once you have a healthy foundation domestically, you should do what you can to continue growth. And the Padres and Dodgers are arguably the best teams to have play in Mexico due to the demographics of the cities and their fanbases along with the location of both cities

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The NFL is doing the same thing, by having games in London every year, although not many are fans of it. They even played a game in Mexico last year.

Whatever the case is, this would be the next step in baseball’s efforts to continue its growth.