Dodgers: Dave Roberts vs. Joe Maddon, Who Has the Edge?

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 14: Joe Maddon /

The Dodgers and Cubs are locked in an NLCS rematch, and the Dodgers have a commanding 2-0 lead. This matchup is not only between the players but also between two of baseball’s best managers. The question is how do these managers matchup against each other? Does one have an edge over the other?

First, we look to the experience of the two managers. Joe Maddon has been managing for 14 years and has taken home three Manager of the Year Awards. (2008, 2011, 2015). He also has led his teams to two pennants and one World Series Championship.

Dave Roberts, on the other hand, has only two major leagues seasons under his belt and has taken home one Manager of the Year Award. (2016). The Dodgers finished the regular season with the games best record, so it is possible that Roberts could take home this season’s award as well. He led the Dodgers to a thirteen win improvement over last year.

Next, we compare each manager’s success using the challenge. Joe Maddon has challenged a call 139 times; 70 of those times the call was overturned. He has successfully overturned a call 50.4% of the time. Roberts has only challenged 35 calls on the field. However, he has been right 19 times, good enough for a 54.3% success rate.

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Next, we look at the weapons that each team as at their disposal. The Cubs are a deep team that allows Joe Maddon to make changes to his lineup or strategically efficiently pinch-hit. However, I do not think this Cubs team is as deep as the Dodgers. Dave Roberts has masterfully moved plays in and out of the lineup all year. Players are not only moved in and out but also up and down the lineup card. Even with the recent news that Corey Seager will not be able to play in the series, I believe the Dodgers roster has been built to sustain injuries like this one.

Finally, we look to the energy level of each club. The Cubs have just come off a long fought series win against the Nationals. The advantage the Dodgers have is that they made quick work of the Diamondbacks and their pitching staff was able to get vital rest. The Dodgers All-Star lefty, Alex Wood, didn’t even get a start due to the sweep.

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Overall, the managerial battle will be one that is very tough to call. Both managers are elite at what they do, and that shows with the same NLCS matchup as last year. However, I believe the Dodgers manager Dave Roberts will have a slight managerial advantage this year. These Dodgers are much deeper than last season in the outfield and the bullpen. This gives Roberts more options. That is the key for me.