Dodgers: Corey Seager’s Possible Impact in the World Series

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 06: Corey Seager
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 06: Corey Seager /

The Dodgers beatdown the Cubs winning the NLCS in 5 games while outscoring them 28-8 in the series. They did all this without arguably their best all-around player in the lineup, Corey Seager.

People were shocked to hear Seager was going to be left off the Dodgers‘ NLCS roster before the series started. Seager suffered a back injury in game 3 of the NLDS against the Diamondbacks and at the time it didn’t look like it was going to be too serious, but he turned out to be worse enough to keep Seager out of the NLCS completely.

Fortunately, for the Dodgers, it didn’t matter as they were able to crush the Cubs even without their All-Star SS. Charlie Culberson ended up replacing Seager on the 25 man NLCS roster and did a great job filling at SS.

He played solid defense and was outstanding at the plate batting .455 with two doubles and two walks. However, Culberson isn’t the star offensively that Seager is. Having Seager back in the lineup would impact the Dodgers tremendously in the World Series.

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It is still up in the air if Seager is going to be healthy enough to play in the World Series. Signs are pointing in the right direction to his return, but it’s not just about Seager being able to play he also has to be healthy enough to produce.

As big of a part that Seager is to this team, if he is not capable of playing anywhere close to his normal level then he shouldn’t take someone’s spot on the World Series roster. You want to be able to make sure Seager is close enough to 100% so he can be a valuable contributor to the lineup.

The good news is that Seager has been at home in LA resting up and getting treatment for the last week now. Seager received a pain-killing epidural injection the day after the NLDS concluded on October 10th. He started to participate in baseball activities this week but still hasn’t been able to hit yet.

Something the works to the Dodgers benefit in the World Series is that Seager might not have to play on the field much. The Dodgers are going to play at least two maybe three games in an AL park with the DH in the World Series. This means that Seager can just focus on hitting while someone else plays defense at SS.

Seager didn’t really have a great defensive year anyways so the Dodgers wouldn’t mind if that were the case. Roberts did great work with juggling the lineup in the NLCS playing matchups. Seager had been batting in the second slot all year long for the Dodgers, so Roberts had to mix and match with that spot. He started Justin Turner in the number 2 hole for games 1, 2, & 5, and Cody Bellinger for games 3 & 4.

If Seager is ready to go, it will be interesting to see if Roberts will put him back in that number 2 spot again or ease him back by moving him down in the lineup. Even if Seager can’t start having him as a bat off the bench is a viable option as well. Just the threat of Seager’s bat can go a long way in the series. He makes the lineup so much deeper and just gives the team that more depth in the World Series.

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Seager has been battling injuries over the last several months but still has played well when he has been in the lineup. He played well in the NLDS against the Diamondbacks hitting .273 with a .921 OPS. This is the Dodgers first time here in 29 years and having all your guys is essential. Whoever the Dodgers play in the World Series whether it’s the Astros or Yankees both teams have a great offense. The Dodgers need all the firepower they can get to fully be able to match with the offense of either one of those AL teams. Even if Seager is unable to play the Dodgers still have the great depth to overcome it, but we would all like to see Seager back in the lineup and be part of this experience.