Dodgers: Possible Bullpen Targets in Free Agency

KANSAS CITY, MO - AUGUST 24: Mike Minor /
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Mike Minor – 2.55 ERA in 2017 as a Kansas City Royal

Once upon a time, Mike Minor was a top starting pitching prospect with the Atlanta Braves.  Then he injured his should and missed the 2015 and 2016 seasons.  The Royals took a flier on Minor and it ended up being no minor deal.  Mike Minor had a breakout season as a reliever and finished with a 2.55 ERA and allowed hitters to bat only 204 against him in 2017.

Not only did Minor hold right-handed hitters to a 223 average he virtually eliminated left-handed hitters as they only hit 163 against him with no home runs allowed.  He also struck out over one batter per inning, and against lefties, he struck out almost two hitters per inning.  If the Dodgers were to sign Minor, he would be an upgrade over Tony Watson.

In fact, the Dodgers could use Minor as their every day eighth-inning set-up reliever if Morrow departs and he would cost much less than a trade for Zach Britton.  It’s unlikely the Dodgers keep Morrow and sign Minor but if they did, then they would hands down have the best bullpen in baseball with a back-end combo of Minor, Morrow, and Jansen.

As there is with Morrow, there is some injury risk with Mike Minor but truthfully every pitcher is just a time bomb ticking away.  Minor is going to be 30 years old this off-season so it’s very likely he will command a three-year deal and could get four years.  Although it’d be a gamble, it’s one a rich team like the Dodgers could afford to take.