Dodgers: Should the Dodgers Include Puig in a Trade for Stanton?

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 26: Giancarlo Stanton
LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 26: Giancarlo Stanton /

The biggest storyline of the MLB offseason so far has been the status of Giancarlo Stanton. As you’d expect, the Dodgers are right in the middle of the trade rumors for the 2017 NL MVP.

At first glance the natural reaction is yes, the Dodgers should do everything possible to trade for the reigning NL MVP. While our contributor, Sunit Bhakta brought up some good points on why the Dodgers should go all in for Stanton, it’s a good idea to consider the price.

Multiple reports have come out that the new Marlins ownership is asking for a king’s ransom in a trade for Stanton. All things considered, they have every right to, Stanton is young, 28 years-old, under contract, and coming off of a season where he smashed 59 home runs.

So that begs the question. What would the price be for the Dodgers to acquire him this offseason? Bleacher Report had an interesting article saying that the trade could potentially be revolved around Joc Pederson. While that would be ideal for the Dodgers, I don’t think that’s realistic to expect.

The Marlins have not been in the playoffs since 2003; this new ownership is looking to start with a clean slate. I️ honestly don’t understand why when the Marlins have a pretty solid core with Ozuna, Yelich, Gordon, and Stanton. But nonetheless, the ownership is trying to make changes.

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Derek Jeter and the new owners know what it takes to build a larger fanbase and a championship quality ball club. And for them, it means getting rid of their 28-year old phenom to create a more balanced roster.

So where does that leave the Dodgers?

Well IF the Dodgers could make the trade with Joc being the centerpiece than the deal is a no-brainer. A lineup with Taylor, Seager, Turner, Bellinger, Puig, and Stanton would be the best in the game.  

But again, do you honestly see that as a realistic trade chip that the Marlins will be sold on? Didn’t think so. That means it’s time for fans to realize that in any trade scenario involving Stanton and the Dodgers, the deal would be worked around Yasiel Puig. Yes, Puig.

Pug is coming off of the best season of his young career and is only 26 years-old. Puig is still under contract for less than 8 million until the 2019 offseason and fits the bill for what the Marlins new owners would want to do. Acquire a younger, cheaper, talented player for the price of their best player. Oh yeah, and he’s Cuban in a highly populated Cuban city. Yet, there are several problems with the idea of a Stanton-Puig centered trade.

First and foremost, the Dodgers have been reluctant to part ways with Puig through the years of his inconsistencies with the team. Why would the Dodgers ever consider trading their younger, more affordable superstar for the likes of an inconsistent, expensive player like Stanton? Ned Colletti discovered Puig, and through all the ups and downs of his career, he’s still a fan favorite, so he’s not going anywhere.

Speaking of Ned Colletti, there was a section from his book that would also bring a red flag to any Puig for Stanton trade talk. The relationship between Don Mattingly and Yasiel Puig.

After reading that there are no words to describe the relationship between Don Mattingly and Puig. So why would the new Marlins owners bring them back together? Well, they probably wouldn’t.

Reports have come out that Jeter and co. are not satisfied with Mattingly and could look to find a new manager for the club. If that is the case, the door opens for Puig to be the next Cuban superstar in Miami and Mattingly is looking for employment elsewhere.

As we’ve said from the beginning, a deal that lands Stanton in Dodger blue is highly unlikely. That type of deal isn’t the route the front office wants to take and isn’t a move that the Dodgers need to make. Stanton is without a doubt a great player, but he’s not the player that would be a difference maker in winning a championship.

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This front office is focused on building a tradition of winning rather than winning for one season. Puig is a fan favorite and a big part of this team. I don’t think this team would trade a player like Puig for a big name like Stanton. I hate to break it to you Dodger fans but the Dodgers aren’t trading for Stanton.