Dodgers: Pedro Baez’s 2017 Season Grade


Pedro Baez had the best and worst season a player could have. Depending on when you watched, Baez was either a nightmare for the opposing team or the home fans. His ups and downs this season make for an interesting debate on the grade he should receive for his performance. So now, let’s examine Pedro Baez’s 2017 campaign.

When the Dodgers broke camp and the regular season began, Pedro Baez was supposed to be the “go-to” reliever before Kenley. And, to the naked eye, he accomplished that. In the first half of the season, Baez pitched in 38 games and totaled 37.2 innings. Over that stretched he boasted an elite ERA of 1.43 and allowed just six earned runs. He also struck out 38 batters against an unsightly 16 walks.  And, perhaps a sign of what was to come, Baez surrendered four home runs before the All-Star break.

For the most part, the numbers above reflect success. For the majority of the first half, it seemed as though Baez was the most reliable reliever in the bullpen. But, little did fans know his second half of the season would spell disaster for his once very high status amongst relievers.

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In the second half of the year, Pedro Baez’s ERA was an abysmal 5.13. He appeared in 28 games and pitched 26.1 innings. In that time frame Baez accrued five total losses, and in almost all of those he gave up multiple runs. His WHIP inflated from a 1.22 to a 1.48 and he walked 13 batters against 26 punch outs.

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When all was said and done, Pedro finished the season with a 3-6 record, 2.95 ERA, and a WHIP of 1.328. And, also worth noting were his ERA+ and his WAR at the end of the season. Baez finished with a 142 ERA+ and a .6 WAR which is not that bad considering how horrible his second half was.

As for 2018, the Dodgers do have an out should the choose to use it. Baez, who will be 30 in March, is arbitration eligible right now. Should the team find new arms to plug into the bullpen from free agency or trade, it is reasonable to assume that the Dodgers will cut Baez loose to sign with a new team. I would probably predict that Baez will be with the team come the start of next season as I do not see the Dodgers letting him walk nor do I see any team trading for him.

Last week, I took a poll on Twitter asking you to vote for the grade you would give Pedro Baez for his performance last year. While the final vote was fairly close, the majority of you voted that Baez should receive a C- on the year. His ability to pitch well was far outweighed by his dreadful second half, and thus he earned a lower grade from the 54 people who voted in the poll.

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As for me, I will give Baez a low C for the season. I think that while he was awful in the second half of the year, he was a workhorse for most of the first half. Baez’s ability to get outs is there, but it will always come down to whether or not he can limit walks and keep the ball in the park. I think if Baez can reign in his control he is a candidate to be good for the entirety of a season and that could easily happen next year. We will just have to see if he is, in fact, a Dodger.

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