Dodgers: Re-Creating a More Realistic Reliever Wish List

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 14: Kevin Siegrist
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 14: Kevin Siegrist /
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Dillon Gee

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Here we go, the big risk. If Dillon Gee has been one thing over the past few seasons, it is the odd man out. Gee has spent significant time in the minor leagues and has bounced between the rotation and the bullpen on three different teams in three years.

Most recently, Gee was a starter and reliever for the Twins where he appeared in just 14 games. Three of his 14 games were as a starting pitcher and the others were from the pen.

Since his debut, Gee has spent most of his time as a starting pitcher. But, with a career ERA of 4.23, a WHIP of 1.345, and 100 home runs allowed, he has not really been all that good. 

That is where his bullpen splits come in. Also since his first call-up, Gee has appeared as a reliever in 37 games and is just 8.2 innings from 100. He has a reliever ERA of 2.96 and his WHIP goes down to 1.281.

So, the argument here would be just to take a gamble. Gee who is now 31 years old is not exactly the optimal investment for a team looking to win. But, with the ability to start when needed and the almost guarantee of a small contract, Gee, like the others in this list, fits the bill for cheap and usable.

If the Dodgers extend a one year deal for less the five million and it gets accepted, I think Gee is a steal and potentially a hidden gem much like Morrow was just a year before.

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