Dodgers: Was Picking up Forsythe’s Option the Right Move?

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 29: Logan Forsythe
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 29: Logan Forsythe /

The Dodgers off-season plan is still a bit muddled even though the team was able to get under the luxury tax line.  The Dodgers could pursue an outfielder now.

When the off-season began, the Dodgers promptly decided to bring Logan Forsythe back with his nine million dollar option for 2018.  At the time the Dodgers lineup appeared set with Chris Taylor in center field and Forsythe at second base.  After the Dodgers were able to create wiggle room by dealing away Adrian Gonzalez, Scott Kazmir, and Brandon McCarthy, they may have their sight set on adding an outfielder.

That brings up the question that if the front office had been able to shed salary sooner, would they have still exercised Forsythe’s club option?  The team could have played Chris Taylor at second base, his natural position, and had nine million more dollars to spend on an outfield upgrade for center or left field.  Then the Dodgers could have easily fit in someone like Lorenzo Cain who would bolster the Dodgers offensively and defensively.

Even if the Dodgers had shed salary sooner, the right decision was made to bring Logan Forsythe back.  One of the assets Logan Forsythe brings is a veteran presence.  With Chase Utley possibly retiring and Adrian Gonzalez no longer with the team, the Dodgers need a calm and collected veteran like Forsythe to stabilize the locker room and show the young players the kind of work ethic needed to have a long career in the big leagues.  Forsythe is a very gritty player, but he is not the most talented player but makes up for that with his relentless work ethic.

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Then there is also the fact that Logan Forsythe is a pretty good baseball player.  Although he only hit .224 in his first season with the Dodgers, Forsythe was a big asset against left-handed pitching.  Forsythe hit .290 against southpaws and had an OPS over 800.  He was a big reason wy the Dodgers hit better against lefties in 2017.  In the post-season, Forsythe really turned up his game as he hit .297 with six RBI’s and was one of the most consistent players in October.  When the stakes were the highest, Forsythe played his best baseball.

Even if the Dodgers decide to platoon Forsythe since he struggled against righties, he is a very versatile player to have off the bench.  Forsythe is capable of playing all over the infield which is key now that Charlie Culberson is an Atlanta Brave.  The Dodgers will need to give Turner plenty of off days and Forsythe plays a very good third base so the drop off defensively from Turner to Forsythe is not big at all.  Forsythe has even played some outfield so he is the quisessential utility man.

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The Dodgers made the right move by exercising Logan Forysthe’s option for 2018.  Even if he doesn’t start every game he is a versatile veteran who can show the younger players the attitude and work ethic needed to thrive in the majors.  If the Dodgers do decide to part ways with Forsythe after another acquisition, Forsythe is easily tradeable at his nine million dollar salary to a team in search of a second baseman.  Regardless of how the rest of the off-season goes, the Dodgers were smart to bring back the hard nosed Logan Forsythe.