Dodgers: MLB Comparisons for Some Current Top Prospects

MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Yadier Alvarez
MIAMI, FL - JULY 09: Yadier Alvarez /
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Yadier Alvarez

The 21-year-old right-hander has been a topic of discussion for many fans familiar with the farm system. He is 6’3 and just 175 lbs. He still has not filled into his body quite yet. With that being said, Alvarez still sits in mid to upper 90’s with his fastball.

He has a changeup that can be filthy when he is on. His strikeout pitch is his slider. With his long and lanky body, he is able to get that wipeout action most dominant sliders have. Alvarez still has some work to do but he has all the makings of a top of the end rotation.

The comparison I have for Alvarez is Aaron Sanchez of the Toronto Blue Jays. Similar body type, the only difference being Sanchez at 25-years-old has filled into his body as he weighs 30 lbs more than Alvarez.  Both have a similar delivery. Very simple with no extra movements and a very slight hesitation at the top of their leg kick. They both deliver very smooth and it looks crisp. Very pretty to look at.

They both also hit 96-97 and do it very easily. They do not look like they exerting themselves it just looks so easy for them to throw the ball that hard. Sanchez and Alvarez also have a similar repertoire.

Like I mentioned fastball is almost identical with 4 seam action. Changeup can be dominant. The differences come with their put away pitch. Sanchez relies on that dirty curveball and Alvarez on his wipeout slider. Sanchez was dominant in 2016, hopefully, Alvarez can be just as good.