Dodgers Projected Bullpen and High Leverage Situation

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 31: Kenley Jansen
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 31: Kenley Jansen /
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Long Reliever/Right Handed Multi-Inning Reliever:  ROSS STRIPLING 

Stripling has pitched out of the Dodger bullpen (and occasionally the starting rotation) in a variety of roles.  Stripling appears to be morphing into a reliable multi-inning reliever,  Of course, he can also fill the traditional role of long reliever, as he has also had success as a starter.  Stripling pitched 74.1 innings across 49 games, with only two games being starts.  Consequently, when Stripling entered the game, it was usually to eat up a couple of innings.  Stripling had a 3.75 ERA and a nice WHIP of 1.18.  His pLI of .94 suggests Roberts saved Stripling for certain spots–those that were not always high leverage.  Again, one stat can’t tell the whole story–especially when it comes to relievers.  There is real value to a guy like Stripling who can eat up innings and hold the competition down till he can turn it over to the latter relievers.  Expect Stripling to be tested in higher leverage roles as he enters his second full MLB season.