Dodgers: Three Bold Player Predictions for the 2018 Season

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 24: Chris Taylor
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 24: Chris Taylor /
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3. Seager and Bellinger out homer Judge and Stanton

Perhaps the boldest statement of the bunch considering Stanton hit 59 bombs by himself while the Dodger dup combined for 61. But hear me out. Before last season Stanton’s career high in home runs was 37. It is my personal belief that Judge will not be able to replicate the success he had last year, at least not to the same extent.

Even then it would take a phenomenal power year for Seager and Bellinger to eclipse the two giants in the Bronx. The two combined for 111 home runs last season. Even if they both regress by 10-15 home runs each Bellinger and Seager would still have to get to at least 80 combined home runs to have a real shot.

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Cody Bellinger could find himself at 40 home runs or more. Last season he got to 39 without playing the first couple of weeks during the season and spending some time on the disabled list. That is a span of 25-30 games missed that Bellinger could have gotten to 40. I think after being exposed during the playoffs Belly will make improvements this off season and come back just as good.

I believe if everything goes right Bellinger can give LA 45 home runs. Now for Seager. He was banged up all last season and his power numbers diminished, but he saw the ball better as he improved his OBP. Seager when healthy and his pure swing could get him to the 30 home run mark. Maybe even up to 35 if he really has a good stretch.

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This is unlikely but it wouldn’t, but there is a reason it is called bold predictions. It would take career years from Bellinger and Seager. All the while seeing Stanton and Judge take a dip down. But there is a possibility of this. Even if it is slim.