The Dodgers are Clear Winners in the Logan Forsythe Trade

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Logan Forsythe
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 01: Logan Forsythe /

The Dodgers swung a trade for Logan Forsythe last winter and at the time many felt the Dodgers gave up too much.  With the recent injury of Jose De Leon, the trade suddenly looks like a big win for LA.

With news coming out Wednesday that Jose De Leon is set for Tommy John surgery, the Dodgers appeared to have not only won the Logan Forsythe trade, but they also dodged another injury to a top prospect.  With the surgery of Julio Urias last season and now the pending Tommy John surgery of Jose De Leon, the Dodgers would have lost two of their best pitching prospects had they held onto De Leon.

Now the Dodgers have a very underrated second baseman in Logan Forsythe.  While Forsythe had a down season last year, much of that can be attributed to his broken toe.  It’s hard enough to hit a baseball in the major leagues but having to bat with a healing broken toe, that is pretty brutal.  Forsythe was a big contributor for the Dodgers in the postseason, so the Dodgers hope is that the playoff version of Forsythe will carry over to the 2018 season.

Another vital area where Forsythe is a big addition to the Dodgers is in the clubhouse.  Logan is a known leader in the clubhouse and several Rays players including now Giant Evan Longoria expressed how big losing Forsythe was.  Even with Chase Utley on the roster, you can never have too many veteran leaders in the locker room and this is just one area that Forsythe can help out in.

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The injury to Jose De Leon is just another reminder of the wild card that pitching prospects can be.  While there is a chance that a pitching prospect could become a top tier starter under control for many seasons, there is also a chance they never realize their full potential whether it be injury or simply not having success in the big leagues.  This is why sometimes you have to be willing to deal prospects and the uncertain nature that come with them.  While Chris Taylor could have been the starter at second base without Forsythe, Taylor has more value as the team’s everyday centerfielder and go to guy if Corey Seager’s elbow acts up.

Even if Forsythe ends up being nothing more than a league average second baseman with the Dodgers, the trade was still a win since it’s unknown if Jose De Leon will ever make an impact in the big leagues following a year of arm troubles and now Tommy John surgery.  The better bet is that Logan will be a solid player this season for the Dodgers who plays excellent defense, turns tough double plays, and drives in runs with the game on the line.  Forsythe is a grinder and the type of glue guy you need on championship teams.

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Andrew Friedman sold high on Jose De Leon after his breakout season, and it paid dividends for the Dodgers.  Now they have a solid second baseman who will hold down second base all season long.  Chalk the Logan Forsythe trade up as one of the many trades that Andrew Friedman has won.