Dodgers: It’s Time for Chris Taylor to be the Starting Second Baseman

The Dodgers offense has reverted back to a slumping offense over the past couple of games.  One of those reasons is the continued lack of production from second base.

The Dodgers continue to run Logan Forsythe out at second base despite him hitting .204 this season.  Forsythe who weighs 205 pounds according to the Dodgers official website, is barely hitting his own weight.  With his contract coming to an end at the end of this season, the Dodgers have no reason to keep starting him and hoping that he turns it around.  This has been going on for the last year and a half outside of last year’s postseason where Logan actually played decently.

The Dodgers current infield configuration is Chris Taylor at shortstop and Logan Forsythe at second base with Max Muncy and a few others mixing in at times.  The Dodgers need to shake up that configuration and start Kiké Hernandez at shortstop and Chris Taylor at second base.

Really any mix of Kiké and CT3 on the middle of the infield will work but Kiké Hernandez is far superior defensively at shortstop.  Taylor owns a -6.2 UZR/150 at shortstop where Kiké owns a 19.8 UZR/150 rating.  Not only would the duo of Hernandez and Taylor be better defensively than Taylor and Forsythe, their offensive production is sure to be better.

Chris Taylor is having a “down” season compared to last year’s stellar season but he still has nine home runs and an OPS of .784.  That is leaps and bounds better than what the Dodgers are getting out of Logan Forsythe who has an OPS of .560 entering today.  Taylor also has an on-base percentage that is almost 90 points higher than Forsythe’s.

The Dodgers always seem to get some added energy whenever they plug Kiké Hernandez into the lineup and they can definitely use his stellar defense at short to go with his emerging power as he has already hit fourteen home runs this season which is a career high.  With half a season of play still left, Kiké should be a lock to crack twenty home runs this season if he’s given enough playing time.

Shifting Chris Taylor over to second base would give the Dodgers a big offensive upgrade at second base as they could relegate Forsythe into a utility role if they don’t want to cut him.  The Dodgers most obvious middle infield configuration is sitting right in front of them.  Will the front office finally admit defeat and pull the plug on Logan Forsythe as the every day second baseman?