Dodgers: Some Chaos Scenarios that Could Happen

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Enrique Hernandez #14 of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates his run to tie the Colorado Rockies 2-2 during the fifth inning at Dodger Stadium on September 19, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 19: Enrique Hernandez #14 of the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrates his run to tie the Colorado Rockies 2-2 during the fifth inning at Dodger Stadium on September 19, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Though the Dodgers are not a lock to make the playoffs, this part of the season is still fun despite the anxiety. This could still become even more nerve-racking as the season comes to a close. There are so many scenarios that could happen but here are a few of some very fun (or scary) scenarios for the Dodgers.

The first of these scenarios is the simplest of the few I will talk about. The Dodgers fail to win the West but earn the second Wild Card spot.

This would only cause fans to have to deal with one winner take all game. The new Wild Card format has been very good for baseball. It creates the type of scenario that only a game 7 can. Tensions are always running high when it comes to these games. This has created some of the best games in history.  Though it would not be ideal for the Dodgers to end up in the wild-card game, it would certainly be entertaining.

The opponent in the Wild Card game would likely end up being the Milwaukee Brewers. Unless the Brewers can somehow catch the Chicago Cubs. A Cubs-Dodgers WC game would definitely be one for the books. Arguably top two most talented clubs in the NL meeting up in a one-game playoff would be one for the books. Even a Brewers-Dodgers matchup would be very exciting.

Now onto a different scenario, Dodgers/Rockies end season tied for NL West.

If this were to happen there would be a game 163. This would be the first game 163 since 2013 when the Rays outdueled the Rangers to get into the Wild Card game. It would also the first game 163 to decide a division since 2009 when the Twins and Tigers played in the decisive game with the AL Central at stake.

Luckily for the Dodgers, they won the season series against Colorado. That means they would have home-field advantage in this game 163. This means a whole because no team wants to play a do or die game in the always unpredictable Coors Field. Secondly, this would mean Jansen actually gets the opportunity to pitch.

It would almost certainly be Kershaw vs. Freeland. Kershaw has not been getting the same attention as in season past but he is still a bonafide ace. Freeland has gotten almost no major media attention. Despite the fact that he regularly puts together solid performances and pitches in the most hitter-friendly park in baseball.

The third scenario is where things get a bit more interesting. Cards/Dodgers tie for second WC spot.

There would be a game 163 to decide who would win the bid into the WC game. However, unlike a game 163 against Colorado, this game would not be played at Chavez Ravine. Instead, the Dodgers would have to travel to St. Louis because they lost the season series against the red birds.

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If the Dodgers were to win this game 163 they still aren’t out of the woods. They would still have to play in that WC game and once again be one game away from elimination. They would play back to back elimination games, meaning everyone should go get checked out by a doctor to make sure their blood pressure is in check.

One elimination game is bad enough but having two on the road would be a whole other level of anxiety for fans. Luckily the Dodger have Kershaw and Buehler to start those games. The problem would come with the NLDS against the Cubs/Brewers where they would have to send out either Hill, Ryu, Wood or Stripling on the road for a tone-setting game one.

The final scenario that is still very possible: Cards/Rockies/ Dodgers end season with the same record.

If this happens things really get into a sticky situation for the Dodgers. This would mean first a game 163 with the Rockies. If the Dodgers win, then they win the division, move onto face the braves and the chaos happens to the Rockies and not the Dodgers.

However, if this happens and they lose game 163 to the Rockies they do have a second chance at getting into the playoffs. They would then play the Cardinals for the second WC spot in what would be “game 164” for the Dodgers. If they manage to win that game and the WC matchup they would then have to send out their number four starter in game one of the NLDS.

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For our collective health, hopefully, none of these situations come to fruition. It would be some exciting and nerve-racking baseball. But, the Dodgers would much rather want to win the division and have an easier and more straightforward path to their first world title since 1988.