Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw ‘not feeling 100 percent’, Not Throwing

News came out of Dodgers’ camp today that Clayton Kershaw will not be throwing for the next few days as he is “not feeling 100 percent.”

The news is disheartening for everyone involved. For fans, this is a look in the rear-view mirror. Kershaw has been hampered by injuries for the last three seasons. His back, his hip and now his arm have all been the culprits in the 30-year-old ace missing time and for fans, it continues to be the nightmare of nightmares.

For the team, it must feel like much of the same. Los Angeles’s best player is out once more but for the front office, it appears to be no concern.

“No one’s alarmed or worried about it,” Dave Roberts said. “There’s plenty of time for him to get his bullpens in and get built up.”

The reaction from the Dodgers manager feels like a large underplay of what could very well be a much larger issue.

The Dodgers have played more baseball with the least amount of offseason out of any professional team. Since 2017, LA has played in both World Series, extending the season into November and subsequently chopping a month of every player’s opportunity to rest.

Last year, Kenley Jansen was clearly affected by the shortened rest period and this year, the hope is that Kershaw will not be following suit.

“Is it dead-arm? It could be,” Roberts said. “We’ll see about that as we get moving forward.”

For the Dodgers, concerns should not yet be set in. It is, as Roberts said, very early in the spring and the weather in Arizona could very well be messing with pitchers’ bodies.

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However, the narrative of Kershaw’s declining health is easily being pushed right now. Be it early, the ace’s absence from the mound in the coming days should be monitored closely.