Dodgers 2019 potential playoff opponent breakdown: Atlanta Braves

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ATLANTA, GA – SEPTEMBER 2: Ronald Acuna, Jr. #13 of the Atlanta Braves hits a first inning solo home run against the Pittsburgh Pirates at SunTrust Park on September 2, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Dodgers are coming down the home stretch, with less than two months separating the team from October baseball.  This weekend they face a potential playoff opponent.

Over the next five weeks, I will be going through and breaking down potential playoff opponents for the Dodgers in the National League and how well these teams would match up with the Dodgers in a playoff series.

For the first installment in this series, I decided to talk about the Atlanta Braves, because the Braves are the team that, besides the Dodgers, are least likely to lose their grip on the division before October 3, the first day of the NLDS.

The Atlanta Braves, as of Friday, have a 99.5% chance of making the playoffs according to Fangraphs. That’s because they’ve been able to combine their solid offseason and trade deadline acquisitions with their young and quickly developing core.

This 2019 iteration of the Braves is not nearly the same as past Braves teams. In fact, I think they’re much better than the 2018 team.

In the next few slides, I’ll get into the weeds on the Braves’ roster and how well that roster matches up against the Dodgers’ own.

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