Dodgers: Ranking the best Opening Day lineups in Los Angeles history

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On the day that we should be celebrating the start of the 2020 season, let’s rank the best Opening Day lineups in Los Angeles Dodgers history.

The Dodgers franchise has a rich history that dates back to the late 19th century. There are so many Dodgers greats who have reached immortal status while wearing the blue and white, from Jackie Robinson to Pee Wee Reese to Steve Garvey. While all of these players are part of Dodgers lore, not all of them made their name while playing in Los Angeles.

On the day that baseball was supposed to open its 2020 season, I thought it would be fun to rank the best Opening Day lineups in Dodgers history, focusing on the teams that called LA their home.

My criteria is simple. I am not looking for the best lineup on Day 2 of the season, or the best lineup that played the most games. I am only concerned with the names on the lineup card on Opening Day of each season and deciding which lineups are the best.

I consider the historical significance of players, but the biggest factor used in evaluating individual names within a lineup is how they performed during that season. Think Justin Turner in 2014. He might not be one of the best second baseman in Dodgers history, but for that one season, he was a great hitter. I also take into account the Opening Day starter as part of the Opening Day lineup. This is the National League, after all.

Without further ado, the best Opening Day lineups in Los Angeles Dodgers history:

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