Justin Turner proposes Home Run Derby to settle extra inning games

MIAMI, FL - JULY 10: Cody Bellinger
MIAMI, FL - JULY 10: Cody Bellinger /

As Major League Baseball considers a variety of ideas to account for a shortened season, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner has an interesting idea for settling games in extra innings.

On the same day that SportsNet LA announced a deal to be carried on AT&T subscription services across Southern California, Las Vegas, and Hawaii, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner appeared on the network to discuss his quarantine routine and offer some ideas for the upcoming season.

Turner says everyone in the game, from players to owners, are on board with playing as many games as possible whenever the season can resume, and notes nothing is off limits in achieving that goal. He said there have been conversations about multiple doubleheaders, roster expansion, and new extra innings rules.

Turner even offered his own idea for how extra inning games should be settled.

“This is my opportunity to push for a Home Run Derby extra inning,”
 Turner told host Josh Hartung. “Instead of playing 17 innings, you get one extra inning, you play the 10th inning, and no one scores, and you go to a Home Run Derby. You take each team’s three best hitters and you give them all five outs and see who hits the most homers.”

Turner thinks the idea would keep fans in the stands until the end of the games. Obviously, it would prevent games from dragging on, extending bullpens, and tiring players who will be working on short rest throughout the season. He compared the idea to the shoutout at the end of overtime in hockey games.

When asked how he has been dealing with the new quarantine routine, he admitted, “It’s been difficult. Obviously, a lot of unknowns.” Turner said everyone has the same questions about when the season will begin, where a second Spring Training might be held, and how long it would be.

The Long Beach native said he’s been keeping in shape by riding bikes that he recently purchased with his wife.

“I haven’t swung a bat since that Wednesday night game [before Spring Training was suspended],” Turner said. “But the workouts are still going on. Still trying to play catch […] Just doing what I can at home for now, you know, the prison workouts.”

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While stuck at home, Turner has also been doing an amazing job helping people in need, recently donating tacos to LA Dream Center.