Dodgers Briefing: Bellinger on Kobe, Chin-lung Hu, Red Sox cheating, more

Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Cody Bellinger, Los Angeles Dodgers. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images) /
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Hey Dodger fans! Let’s get you caught up on the day of baseball news from Saturday, April 18, 2020.


The top stories about the Dodgers you need to know.

1. Cody Bellinger was starstruck by Kobe Bryant

You would think a player that has been a star since entering the Major Leagues, playing under the bright lights of Dodger Stadium, winning Rookie of the Year, appearing in two World Series, and earning the National League MVP Award wouldn’t be shy around other famous people. But when it came to meeting Kobe Bryant, Cody Bellinger was left speechless.

“I was literally speechless, like, I felt like I literally couldn’t get the words out,” Bellinger said on The Darren Woodson Show earlier this week. “It was weird, man, I was like, I have never been starstruck, ever. And I saw Kobe and I was like ‘Whoa,’ this is crazy, man … Super nice guy, took a picture with him. And, you know, it wasn’t much, but just meeting him was absolutely ridiculous.”

Bryant tragically died in a helicopter crash the day after sending a video message to Bellinger congratulating him on his MVP achievement.

2. Former Dodger Chin-lung Hu reaches milestone in China

There is one place where baseball is being played amid the coronavirus pandemic, and a former Dodger is making history there. Chin-lung Hu, one of the Dodgers top prospects in 2008, recorded his 1,000th hit in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, becoming the fastest player to do so in 703 games.

3. Joe Kelly calls investigation of 2018 Red Sox a debacle

Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly, who recently made headlines for shattering a window in his backyard while working on his change-up, discussed MLB’s pending investigation of the 2018 Red Sox on a local radio show in Boston this week.

“The whole thing is a debacle to me,” Kelly said to Mike Mutnansky on WEEI radio. “Now sitting at this point with no baseball being played and no results on an investigation, I just feel like was I dreaming? Is there actually an investigation?”

Kelly continued to say that if the Sox had been cheating they would have swept through the postseason and beaten the Dodgers in four games.

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